Springsteen is OFFICIALLY OFF HIS MEDICATION! Holy crap bat man. Say it is not A DREAM?!?
He will get some red cell, Rejuvenaide, and Equisure; but that's all he needs ;) What a huge relief.
WE ARE NO LONGER SAVING SPRINGSTEEN. He's earned his living an actual horse life badge today.
NOW WE JUST HAVE TO FIND A WAY FINANCE THIS LONG PROCESS OF WATCHING HIM CONTINUE TO REVIVE. On top of the thousands I still owe for saving his cute buns. UGH... But oh so worth it. My baby Springy is a real boy :) Doctor Amy J. Jergens even high fived and hugged me over the efforts.
Against all odds; HE HAS PREVAILED. And she promises me that now off his medications his legs will tighten back up more every day ;)
NO MORE DOUBTERS OF THE SPRINGY. He's gonna make it w gold stars across the board. Legs, flapper, belly, deaths door and all.
Can't keep a good man down!

Hannah Montey