Still fighting!!!

Unfortunately he did not have a good night last night so I'm hoping he perks up by afternoon for a new film today.

He spent his night hooked up to fluids and meds and equiresp and in a warm blanket :(

No sleep.

He's happy for a little sun this morning and my phone says it needs me to delete stuff for new stuff so I'm transferring all films to his folder today!

Please share his story and struggle. The fight is daily and no one is quitting on him.

Donations can be made on his behalf a variety of ways. Please contact me if interested helping the cause.

Rooting for Springsteen.

Update from later in the day:

Both Tiny and Springsteen are resting a lot today.
Medicine cocktails to get through the day.
Notice who's ass is on the pillow?!? She says her ovaries are in a bunch and she needed an extra soft spot. Poor pair.

Thanks for your continued support, care, sharing, and contributions.

Hannah Montey