Say a special prayer for hopefully good news today.

Say a special prayer for hopefully good news today. He just got his blood drawn to see if we can quit our antibiotics at the end of our current bottle! Pulling IV line tomorrow if his blood looks normal.
He looks to have a herniated umbilical thanks to being septic and peeing out of it for the last 5 weeks. :( But Amy said we will address that bridge when we come to it.
He looks skinny and poor currently but he has hit the buckets for powder feeds in the last week and seems hungrier for it today; hopefully that will continue to progress. Adding more supplements for him all the time it seems so I have faith he will soon not look like death warmed over w a snot:milk face.
He's a fighter no doubt and bounces back every time 100%; he's not going to let me down now.
I will keep everyone posted what blood results show in black and white.
Dr Amy J. Jergens says the LUNGS SOUND IMPROVED Tonda Collins; thanks again Equiresp for all you have done for him. I am so thankful I made that investment after the demonstration I received at Jergens Equine about a year ago now. Clear results with the products.
More later!

Update - 

See that white speck; well it's Springsteen shit too. Crazy.

And such is life today. Nothing is going as planned. Nothing; in all bad ways :(

His blood work was bad.

He has infection worse than last bloodwork testing and his kidneys are pissed off. So; total med change again and a whole new entourage of meds, vet bills, and unanswerable questions.

His belly button is a four finger hernia (very bum deal as well). And certainly the culprit of our ongoing infection due to being septic.

He is getting a kidney flush and non stop meds tonight basically before retesting tomorrow.

I hate to beg for help again with his vet bills; but please consider sharing his gofundme link or making any direct contributions to Dr Jergens or I on his behalf. I was so hoping for way better news today. Not a load of more bills, and bad news.

On the only positive note; he is nursing like crazy and peeing like a race horse on Lasix so hopefully we will have happier kidneys tomorrow.

Now for the topping on today's SH*T CAKE.

I believe my mom broke her leg while helping me feed the two horses I have out on a neighbors pasture. My Appaloosa was getting bit by Ransom en route to grain, and doesn't see clearly (even worse w his black mask at dusk); and apparently leveled my mom.

Luckily dad had his cell phone and was able to go pick her up and head to hospital w her as I am tied to an IV BAG and baby Springsteen currently (hence the reason she was helping me feed).

I swear life is such a curve ball of crap storms lately. Why must you hurt my help?! Idk what else can go wrong today?! I wish there was 3 of me and a stinking money tree because this cowgirl is at her wit's end and way past financial means. Now w an injured momma of my own thanks to too many responsibilities for just one human woman.

Prayers and positive vibes appreciated. And GOD please give us a better day tomorrow. I can not take more of this SH*T cake of today.

We need a break in a good way.

I will post his GoFundMe. I am so sincerely sorry to have to continue to ask for help. I am doing everything I can to keep this baby boat afloat. He's not quitting; no matter how much easier it would be.

Me neither.

Much appreciated to all who continue to follow our struggle.

Today; was a slap in the face and an injury I just couldn't imagine or afford to have happen to mom.

Sorry for the negative rant. You all know I would much prefer a positive light on this sad situation for Springsteen.

SO; here's to a SH*t day.... In hopes of a shinier day tomorrow. Gotta get better than today.

Hannah Montey