Morning shenanigans :)

Having a good morning, after a good night! That's our best 12 stretch so far in the first 30 days :)

Energy level staying up. Attitude getting friskier and naughtier by the minute. Hoping he continues to get strength.


I swear dummy foals are orally fixated once they get nursing figured out.

Curious to see if he is a cribber like fighter or not.

My theory is that it cribbing can be associated w oxygen levels at birth.

If not; learned at an older age by watching another horse exhibiting the behaviors. I have one of them too.

I feel like it's initially a compulsive behavior brought on by "a need" due to lacking something instinctually.

He lacked oxygen at one point or another. Says me :)

It's very interesting to theorize; and see how it all plays out.

For now; I'm thrilled to see him so busy. He's curious. He's on his feet for over 30 minutes at a time today so far.


Hannah Montey