Dr Montey (Jax and Liam) will make it all better Springy. Kisses and all.



I know it's hard to see; but this is a good sign.

I woke up to look out my window and see Springsteen on his feet while Tiny is resting her legs still.

He's weird as heck, but I was so relieved to be giving him his 5a meds on his feet swaying to Tim McGraw singing about being humble and kind. While he gave Tiny's feeder a tongue bath.

This last month has been full of nightmares and dreams unfolding. I'm not sure what end is up as of late; but I'm certain of my complete dedication to the responsibilities of these horses' best interests.

Finding pleasure in the small battles won and appreciating the opportunity to fight for it. Even if death is eminent, I won't go out not having given 100% of myself towards what I'm passionate about.



Later in the day.....

Getting more meds weekly. Please consider veterinary contributions or anything going into the gofundme account goes directly to Dr Jergens. Every little bit helps us a lot. 

The struggle is real every day; but it's a team effort, and we're not quitting now.

Keep sharing and caring!

Thanks a million to everyone who has helped us along the way.

Hannah Montey