The John Ewing Company, Formula 707

Hannah believe in, and uses, John Ewing Company's Formula 707 Restore Electrolyte Essentials. She understands that working horses need a balanced electrolyte to restore lost minerals after workouts. Human athletes have come to understand the importance of replacing electrolytes to restore minerals lost in a vigorous workout. Because the same is true for equine athletes, we designed each 1½ oz. of Formula 707 Restore Electrolyte Essentials™ to replace the sodium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium lost in a liter of sweat.

Bugs never makes a run without Rapid Response Electrolyte Paste!
— Hannah

The John Ewing Company was founded in 1946 and operates today, as it has for most of its existence, from the town of La Salle, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver.

When John Ewing developed Formula 707 Daily Essentials™ in the early 1970s, it launched the company as a significant player in equine nutrition. Today we offer a full line of horse health products from our flagship Daily Essentials to innovative horse care solutions such as LifeCare™ Calming, Peak Care™ GastroMx and RespiratoryMx™.

John Ewing’s philosophy was to make the effort to source the finest quality ingredients available, mix them with painstaking care, offer them at a fair price and stand behind them 100%. It’s the way we still do business today.

Hannah Montey